I met a girl who had tats on her tits/ she had smoke in her lungs and Pabst on her lips/ she would joke just for fun, and was glad when I grinned/ she spoke of the Sun, the Stars and the Wind/ she said love is a word and sex is a passion/ a hug can heal wounds while a kiss can bring magic/ but a lasting relationship was last on her list/ she was in the fast lane, as fast as it gets/ I asked her why she was speeding, there’s so much to see/ she said she didn’t feel needed, and she needs to be free/ she felt trapped by the night and exposed by the day/ a captive of guys that didn’t know what to say/ douches, and dorks, and devilish dirtbags/ dudes that were poor and dicks that had earned cash/ they were crawling in gutters and climbing up ladders/ falling for others and telling her after/ she was lonely and lied to, and left in the cold/ a young face with a story that is ever so old/ she would shrug while saying “whatever”/ or would change the subject in a way that was clever/ but I listened to her troubles and promised solutions/ I said not all of us men are poison and pollution/ she pondered that statement, and let out a sigh/ she told me I’ll make it, and I’m a good guy/ we drank some more beer and then we got high/ and we partied like it was the Fourth of July/ 

Kids These Days (RAP/POEM)

Pressing the delete button more than the rest/ feels like I’m breathing just to breathe another breath/ filling my head with thoughtless fucking fillers/ thinking I thought I was someone different/ but I’m not, I’m no one special/ I’ve got glowing potential/ but I’m not using it, I’m losing it, cruising down Bad Habit Lane/ where memories have worried me and given me pain/ I’m a bad promiser, a forgetful gift-giver/ dreamer on the dream team, but they always use a pinch hitter/ I’m a tad funny at all the wrong times/ making eye contact with a mirror that’s blind/ my beating heart beats love into the ground/ repeating parts of romances that have never been sound/ I’m the clerk at a graveyard, a mayor of stares/ yelling “FREEDOM” in Braveheart, when no one’s aware/ I find myself not finally finding others/ getting ready to get up is harder than getting under the covers/ I’m a hard worker when work isn’t hard/ a son of a gun with bullet holes for scars/ never got “I LOVE YOU MOM” tattooed on my arm/ and I still fucking think my step parents are awkward, but who’s the fuck aren’t?/ I ordered an ACME anvil and a side of dynamite/ to slap me a handful of “hey, you’re kinda nice”/ a kiss on the cheek is a punch in the stomach/ I wish I could leave, but I’m handcuffed to my luggage/ sitting on my tombstone, and laying in my crib/ Life has a weird way of saying I have sinned/ do a million frowns get canceled out with just one grin?/ who the fuck knows? I’m just a fucking kid/


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Simpler Men

i long for the sweet embrace/ of a strong woman with no weak of brain/ because for months and weeks i’ve stayed/ holding on to my dreams and faith/ that a lost smile will find it’s way/ into my life of day to day/ and cast herself into my crazy play/ and if i leave she’d say “baby stay”/ but i can longer sit and think/ while i wash my problems at the kitchen sink/ i text and text while i drink and drink/ and now i’ve joined a gym to get fit and thin/ yet these are no true attempts/ at meeting someone who’ll make me feel good again/ i’m not just after someone who’s good in bed/ i truly do have a good intent/ i long for the sweetest kiss/ the one i’ve had but deeply missed/ because for months and weeks i drift/ to a place that i didn’t know exists/ so now here comes the chapter next/ where i will not hold back from clicking “send”/ i’ll not go back to envision or pretend/ this is where the winter ends/ for i bring something more than simpler men/

Workin on a lil somthin somethin on my Dribbble

Workin on a lil somthin somethin on my Dribbble